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Our Story

Architect Sarah Sayed (MBA graduate with honors) , founded Karp n’ Tree in 2016 after having worked in a number of architecture and landscape offices. Noticing a lack of affordable and properly designed house furniture that she wanted for herself, she decided to start making furniture from reused/recycled wood to provide the market with properly designed woodwork at reasonable prices.
The studio began with a solo designer getting furniture manufactured at local workshops, but with growing and recurring demand due to excellent customer service, durable pieces of furniture, unmatched product aftercare, we now grew into a full team of designers, architects, and craftsmen all gathered at our Karp n’ Tree workshop and offices located in Beirut to enter your homes, coffee shops, and offices, with designed affordable, and durable pieces.
With our passion for design and manufacturing, our workshop now supplies everything from house furniture, to handling all woodworks in architecture projects.

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